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Quotes of the classics

  Drink me! Illustration by John Tenniel, 1865.

So many out-of-the-way things had happened lately, that Alice had begun to think that very few things indeed were really impossible.

Lewis Carroll,

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


Books awarded in the 2nd Astrid Lindgren Memorial Literary Competition for Contemporary Books for Children and Adolescents

All the awarded books were published at the beginning of 2011 by publishing houses cooperating with the Foundation at this project: Literatura, Publicat and Stentor.




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The Black Mill Marcin Szczygielski

Abandoned, desolate village is the whole world of an eleven-year-old Iwo and a group of his friends. One day, in this gloomy place, weird inexplicable things started to happen. They are turning into a nightmare as days go by. The traces lead to the Black Mill... Children have to face the dangers alone to save their parents and endangered village. The solution to the mystery lays in the unusual skills of the protagonist's mentally disabled sister.

 Age category 0-6

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NumBear 1 Grzegorz Janusz
2nd prize

It is a collection of captivating, lyrical and humorous stories for everyone. The youngest can learn about the importance of dreams, friendship, goodness and ability to overcome your  weaknesses, while older readers can delight in the rich, sophisticated language, word puns and surprising punchlines.


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The Lost Toys Office
Iwona Czerkawska
2nd prize
Mr. Hypolythus Broom, a former school janitor, opens the Lost Toys Office at the Raisin Street. Together with  his plush helper Pajacek, he tries to solve plenty of mysteries and help his little friends get back their lost possesions. Will he succeed?

Age category 6-10

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The Adventure Butter Barbara Stenka
1st prize
When you have to eat butter sandwiches, measure your body temperature and look after rapping twin brothers all the time, not much time is left to fix the world. And there is such a need to do it! Kasia Koniec knows it perfectly well and uses every opportunity to make improvements and crazy changes...

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Lenka, Friderick and Their Travels Olga Masiuk
2nd prize

Lenka and Friderick live in the Valley, but they prefer to travel than just stay in one place. Lenka is fascinated by trains, foreign lands and their   inhabitants. Friderick travels in... his armchair, reading or rather devouring books. However, today they decided to swap. Friderick got on the train and Lenka started to read...

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The Diary of a Good Dog
Katarzyna Terechowicz, Wojciech Cesarz
3rd prize
I'm always hearing from my Masters that I should be a good dog. But can you blame a dog for shaking off in the dining room and splashing the walls? I was all wet! I'm not only a very good dog but also a keen observer of the reality. And I can see that people may learn something too. For example- wading in a puddle! Or a crazy run! Life is too short to give paw and walk politely by the Master's side all the time, isn't it?

Age category 10-14

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My Sister's Island Katarzyna Ryrych
1st prize
The older sister of Marysia is a joyful, strong, brave and energetic girl with a brilliant memory and high sensitivity. Despite her own disability, she has been a mother to her little sister, giving her all the necessary support and sense of security. She would do everything to protect her. However, she cannot understand that Marysia is growing up and is starting to live her own life. When the tragedy almost happens, the family faces a difficult choice...


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Ela-Sanela Katarzyna Pranic
2nd prize
Ela is  seemingly a regular teenager, with her passions, dreams and problems. But the questions about her past are still coming back. Ela was born in Bosnia during the Balkan War. As a baby, she was taken to Poland and adopted there. One day, she starts to discover her roots...

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Holy Moly - shocolat Paweł Beręsewicz
3rd prize
This book is like a masterful magic show. The readers (who, of course, don't believe in magic at all!) are deluded by illusion like children. Enchanted, they yield to the clever tricks of the author, going deeper and deeper into the world he created. In the end, the readers cannot believe that they were so easily deceived, and may only laugh at their own naivety.



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